Thursday, September 4, 2008

Venti Espresso

Last week I went to Simpson's Adventure Sports to buy some tubes and when I left there I thought I'd stop by the Yahooz 110 gallon hat to get a pound of coffee beans and a shot while I was in the neighborhood.
Here's how it went:
Me: Let me have a pound of coffee and a double shot of espresso.
Yahooz chick (handing me the bag of coffee): What size?
Me: Huh? Oh, a double shot.
YC (a little exasperated): No, what size cup?
Me: !?!?
YC (helpfully showing me 2 different size cups, large and medium): Large or medium?
Me: I just want a double shot of espresso. Use whatever size cup you usually serve it in.
YC: What else do you want in your coffee?
Me: Nothing, just the espresso.
YC: !?!?
Me: ?
YC: I don't think we serve that.
Me: ??
Me (scanning the menu, surely they have espresso on the menu. I see an espresso machine right there. Several items specifically say they include espresso. No listing for shots of espresso. Then I see this item: Barbwire Brew -- 6 shots of espresso, hmmm.): Can I have a Barbwire brew with just 2 shots of espresso instead of 6?
YC: I guess I could just charge you 1/3 of one of those. I don't think we've ever had anyone order that before.
Me: Really?

In all fairness, I've ordered espresso from the original yahooz in Gresham and never had any trouble being understood. And I'll also add that their beans are very good and as advertised: Air roasted kick with a smooth finish.

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